Are You a Facebook Addict? Here are the 7 Tell-Tale Signs

Are you a facebook junkie? Well, here are the 7 tell-tale signs that you’re addicted to the king of social networks.
Let’s see how many you can identify with…

1. Nothing is more important than updating your status. Nothing.

Doesn’t matter where you are, who you are with or what you are doing, you just gotta’ hit that post button.

2. And then you fret about how many likes that update has had.

Particularly if it’s a selfie. And if your best friend’s selfie got more likes… then it’s panic time!

3. Talking of selfies, you snap them at every opportunity, whether the setting is appropriate or not

And your photo gallery is full of them!
Because you either…
a) love yourself

b) are a little insecure

4. You air your dirty laundry in public

Whenever something or someone annoys you… the whole world knows about it within 5 minutes. No one cares that your neighbours dog did a doody on your front door step. Seriously. It’s between you and your neighbour. And the dog I guess.

Naturally you post literally hundreds of status updates, but that goes without saying so is not worthy of it’s own number.

5. You think that you are an ‘influencer’

You go on long rambling rants about politics, religion, movie reviews etc. Well…
Just because you have 5,000 friends doesn’t mean that people actually listen to you. It just means that you friend request every damn casual acquaintance you have ever met.

They’ve probably all blocked you by now anyway.


6. You become restless and panicky if you have no way to check facebook

That restaurant looks nice. Wait, they don’t have WIFI? Let’s eat somewhere else.

And this is your worst nightmare on a night out.

And finally…

7. You just can’t get enough of pictures of cute cats.

Ok, ok, we’ll give you your fix for the day. But this has to stop.

So how many of these applied to you? Let us know on (you guessed it) facebook and share this post with a fellow addict!

Written by Gerald

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