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9 Best Fictional Pigs

Unless you’ve been hiding under a bale of hay today, word on the social media street is that David Cameron allegedly did some dirty deeds with a dead pig during his time at university.
So, in the honour of the claim which has brightened up a otherwise dreary Monday – here are some of the best fictional pigs to have entered our lives.

1. Napoleon

From George Orwell’s Animal Farm
Comrade Napoleon: father of all animals, terror of mankind, protector of the sheep-fold and ducklings’ friend. And also a massive dictator. A lesson in democracy for all farmers.

Image: Paul Downey / Flickr

2. The Three Little Pigs

From the popular children’s fairy tale
Over the last few centuries, these pigs have taught children the basics in physics, architecture and stranger danger.

3. War Pigs

From Black Sabbath’s 1970 album, Paranoid
Okay, so these a more metaphorical pigs. This anti-war classic, though written in 1970, is still just as relevant in today’s day and age.

4. Peppa Pig

From the popular children’s TV show
Like Cameron’s #piggate antics, Peppa too has had her fair share of controversy. From seat belts, helmets to political party support – she is the Pete Doherty of the children’s cartoon world.

5. Miss Piggy

From The Muppet Show
This queen of sass has won a feminism award, performed with Dolly Parton and has taught young children across the world never to let anyone else steal their thunder.

6. Pumbaa

From the Lion King
Pumbaa is a warthog, a wild member of the pig family. And what a wild time he must have hanging out with his mate Timon.

Timon: …who’s the brain of the outfit?
Pumbaa: uhh….
Timon: My point, exactly

7. Nago

From Princess Mononoke
Nago is a boar god and is probably one of the scariest pigs on this list. Have you swallowed an iron ball recently?

8. Plopper

Also known as “Spider Pig”, from The Simpsons Movie

“Spider pig, spider pig, does whatever a spider pig does!”

Homer’s pet pig was the star of The Simpsons Movie as everyone had the song stuck in their heads that summer of 2007.

9. Percy Pig

From Marks & Spencer
Like many chewy sweets, these contain real animal fat in the form of pork gelatin. Fortunately if you prefer your pigs as bacon rather than sugar, Veggie Percy Pigs do exist.

Written by Lindsay

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