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Hilarious Anti-Smoking Video Campaigns

I have quit smoking this year… I was smoking for a decade or so: That was a tough decision and I am proud I made it!
Withdraws are tough, and cravings are even worst. Even now, while I have gotten over the hump, I still feel the psychological desire to light up. What has kept me going? PSA’s, though not the ones meant to scare you into dropping tobacco. It was the funny ones keeping my resolve (and spirits) high!
Here are some of my personal favorites.
1. Focus On The Positive

We have all seen the commercials of those bushy tailed, bright eyed youngsters heading into public to shock strangers into learning about the evils of nicotine. This time, those kids went to the tobacco company to confront the CEO’s of that horrible industry. But it didn’t turn out quite how you might expect, with a cheery and tongue-in-cheek song. After all, why focus on the downers like heart disease, cancer and a shortened life? Focus on the positives!
2. Quit Smoking Campaign: Artery

Ok, this one isn’t technically ‘funny’. In fact, most people would find it horrifying. But I remember seeing it years ago on TV, and something about it always struck me as more humorous than anything else. Kind of like that anti-drug commercial with Rachel Leigh Cook. It was so over-the-top that you can’t help but giggle a little bit. Plus, this one has the “Ew!” factor that just elicits that reaction from me automatically. Am I the only one who thinks this? Am I insane?
3. Social Farting

“I wouldn’t call myself a ‘farter’.” This one really made me laugh. A Canadian anti-smoking add, it shows how silly the idea of a social smoker really is. Along with all the same excuses put in a really funny way. Oh, and there is a lot of passing gas. So any 12-year-old boys in the audience are sure to make it a big hit.
4. Smoking Causes Impotence

This isn’t a lie; smoking can actually cause impotence due to a decrease in blood flow that would normally go to the penis. Not to mention a number of conditions that can have a negative effect on your sex life, like heart disease and stroke. But it is the visual here that is so funny. I will never look at a hand holding a cigarette the same way again.
5. Get Your Lungs Back

This one is even more gross than the artery one to me, and I don’t know why. But the lungs trying to escape is worth a laugh, especially if you have ever made jokes to your friends about your lungs and liver looking for a way out of your body after a wild Saturday night. If you every wondered what that would look like, wonder no more.
Do you feel like you are convinced? Now check out these resources to quit smoking:

Don’t smoke!!!
Know of any other funny PSA’s about smoking? Let us know in the comments!
By Annie Wallace
Annie Wallace is the health blogger with 4 years experience. You can follow me in Twitter at @ViralMomTweets

Written by Lindsay

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