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Anaconda Fail + 8 Ideas For The Next 'Eaten Alive' Special!

So by now you’ve probably seen the footage from the Discovery Channel of Paul Rosolie completely failing to be eaten alive by an anaconda (we’ve included it at the bottom of the post in case you haven’t). After months of promos, it turns out that being ‘eaten alive’ actually meant pretty much giving a snake a hug. Ok, it tried to have a bit of a nibble on his head, but only through a massive helmet.
In fact, in the 2 hours of film, the actual part where the snake tried to do the eating lasted about 2 minutes before Paul shouted to his team for help. I’m not saying he wasn’t brave to do what he did, but after all the hype it did seem incredibly anticlimactic.
With that in mind, here are some ideas for the next Discover Channel special…

Eaten Alive! By a kitten


Eaten Alive! By a postbox


Eaten Alive! By a cookie jar


Eaten Alive! By a catflap


Eaten Alive! By a hula hoop


Train is Eaten Alive! By a tunnel


Eaten Alive! By a wedding ring


Eaten Alive! By some blinds

[adsense-mobile] Ok, you get the idea. Here’s a few more kittens eating people alive… just because it’s adorable!
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So what do you think the next big special should be? Got any ideas of your own? Let us know on facebook and just in case you haven’t seen it here’s the original footage of Paul Rosolie failing to get eaten by an anaconda. We think the kittens are much more impressive!


Written by Emma

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