10 TV Series That Ended Perfectly

There are some long running TV series that start well, but then either dip in quality (looking at you Dexter) or have an ending that leaves us with more questions than answers (hello Lost).
Fortunately, on the flip side, there are also some shows that have perfect endings; tying up loose ends and plot threads, answering questions and keeping us gripped until the credits roll on the final scene.
Here are 10 TV series that ended perfectly. Did your favourite make the cut?
warning: minor plot summaries, so if you see one you don’t want spoiled then you might want to skip past it!

1. Friends


Why It’s Perfect…

[adsense-inline]The will they/won’t they relationship between Ross and Rachel was probably the biggest storyline throughout the whole run and (after a mad dash to the airport) it’s wrapped up beautifully in this final episode as they finally get together (although the writers keep us guessing till the end!).
Monica and Chandler adopt twins and get ready to move to the suburbs, Joey gets to adopt chick and duck Jr (after Monica symbolically breaks the foosball table) and the show ends with the 6 friends gathered in Monica and Chandler’s empty apartment┬ábefore leaving together to go for one last coffee. ‘Sure… where?’ quips Chandler as they walk out the apartment door for the last time.
A perfect ending to one of the best sitcoms of all time, but it hasn’t stopped the fans wanting more and even after 10 years, rumours of a Friends movie just won’t go away!

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Written by Emma

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