You Won't Believe What This Couple Built In Their Snowy Backyard. Seriously. This Is Incredible!

If you’re stuck for something to do this winter, then you could take a leaf out of Daniel Gray’s book. Daniel is a New Zealander and on a recent visit to Canada to meet up with his girlfriend’s family he created something quite incredible in their backyard… using just empty milk cartons and snow.
The project was actually masterminded by Daniel’s girlfriend Starrie’s mum, who said ‘I wanted to keep him occupied, not with my daughter necessarily. I wanted to keep him busy with something else’. Nothing like a protective mum!
For the next 5 days the couple, along with a little help from some friends set about creating something quite wonderful. You’re going to love this.

First things first… need to clear some space in the yard for their project!


Laying the foundations: The first layer of blocks, constructed of milk cartons filled up with coloured liquid and frozen.


Whatever it is, it seems to be circular…


More blocks on top of the last layer.


Braving the cold and getting on with their work!


Woah… this project took a lot of milk cartons!


Starting to take shape… can you guess what it is yet?


You guessed it! It’s an igloo!


Daniel continues construction from inside.


Here’s an inside view, what a colourful igloo.


And with a light inside illuminating their creation, the milk carton block igloo is finished!


Snug inside their creation. How cool is this? (pun intended!)

So in just 5 days they had created something quite incredible and (I’m pretty sure!) quite unique. Understandably, Daniel was proud of their work, joking that it was nice to have the igloo completed, but a challenge from the family for him to spend the night in it would probably not be happening!
Source: Reddit
What do you think of Daniel’s creation? Has it inspired you to dive into a winter construction project of your own? Certainly looks like we’re going to be getting the snow anyway!

Written by Gerald

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