She paid $2 for an old box. When she opened it… WOW.

When a couple bought an old box at an old antique box for $2 at auction, they got much more than they bargained for. Thinking the box was empty, they were shocked when they opened up to find that it actually contained… the secrets of freemasonry! Here are some of the items they found in the box.

Encyclopedia of Freemasonry

masonic encyclopedia

The inside of the encyclopedia

inside of the masonic encyclopedia

There was also a letter pointing out the key parts of the masonic encylopedia, which would be ‘of most benefit to members’.

getting the most out of your masonic membership

And a letter addressed to ‘Dear sir and Brother’ from the mysterious Masonic History Company

letter from the masonic history company

Close up of the masonic seal on the encyclopedia

masonic seal
[syia-popup] Just goes to show, you never know what hidden treasures and secrets you can find in your local charity store. Incredible.

Written by Gerald

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