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10 of the Scariest Places on Earth


Most places have their own history…but others, such as the following have extraordinary and spooky stories within. Here are the 10 Scariest places on Earth you should visit – or not.

 10. Hanging Coffins of Sagada, Philippines

The million years’ practice of hanging coffins is seen in many parts of the world, but in Sagada you can see an especially spooky landscape. It is said that the higher the bodies hang, the more likely they are to get close to ancestral spirits.

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9. Centralia, Pennsylvania

A burning coal mine has left Centralia as a near-ghost town. The only places that are still in good condition in this borough are the four cemeteries. Yeah, exactly.

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 8. Cambridge Military Hospital, England

A military hospital that was once the pioneer place of plastic surgery during the WW1, is now an abandoned, surreal nightmare. Deterioration have implanted incredibly spooky details into the structure.

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7. Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic

This little Roman-Catholic chapel – which has transformed into a popular touristic attraction in Czech Republic – contains around 70,000 skeleton bones within its décor. Enough said.

©Milan Boers –

6. Manicomio di Colorno in Parma, Italy

For most of us, the word “psychiatric” is enough to give us goose bumps. For over 100 years, this mental hospital was home for people who were considered mentally ill and dangerous for society.

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