Microphotography Captures Snowflakes In Beautiful Detail

It’s a well known fact that no two snowflakes are ever exactly alike. Technically it is possible, but the chances are so infinitesimally small that over the entire history our planet it is unlikely that  any two snowflakes have ever been the same.
It is only when we see snowflakes up close however that we can truly appreciate why this is the case and just how intricate and beautiful each individual snowflake is.
With being so small and delicate, individual snowflakes are very difficult to capture on camera, however, using a home made rig consisting of a camera lens, a wooden board, some screws and old camera parts, Russian photographer Alexey Kljatov has managed to capture a series of photographs of individual flakes in more detail than ever before.
The images of these geometric crystals of snow are simply beautiful. Have a look for yourself below.
snowflake13 snowflake12 snowflake11 snowflake10 snowflake9 snowflake8 snowflake7
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Written by Emma

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