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What if BuzzFeed suddenly decided bald men were the cutest thing on the internet?

Everyone knows that cats rule the internet. But what if BuzzFeed suddenly decided that cats were no longer (officially) the cutest thing ever? That from now on, pictures of follicly challenged men would fill our facebook feeds, and give us our daily fix of ‘awwww’? Well, we think it might look a bit like this…

Their homepage would look something like this…


And distractify would copy them within 24 hours…


While ViralNova would probably be more like this…


We’d see lots of posts like this…


And your facebook feed would be full of stuff like this…


And this…


Photos of bald men would…*

  • Brighten our day
  • Make us almost too happy
  • Satisfy our soul
  • Warm our cold
  • Make us question evolution
  • Restore our faith in bald men
  • Make our day a little brighter (as opposed to just brightening it)
  • Make us giggle
  • Make us feel all cozy inside

* all of these stories exist about cats.

The main stream media would quickly jump on the bandwagon…


And before we knew it, bald men would be everywhere, doing everything…


But wait… perhaps the revolution has already started…

Anyway, we’ll leave you with some eye bleach.

Wait! What??? Nooooooooooooo!

Written by Gerald

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