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Got an annoying boyfriend? I bet these 10 guys are worse!

Boyfriends. They’re annoying right? Well, if you think your fellow is bad, then just wait till you see these guys…

1. Batman Underwear Guy

All poor Jenny wants to do is film a video resumé, but Jacob just won’t leave her alone. And as if the terrible dancing and dinosaur impressions aren’t enough… he spends the entire video prancing around in his batman pants!

2. Lord Of The Annoying Boyfriends

Joe drives his girlfriend insane with endless quotes (and admittedly pretty good impressions!) from Lord Of The Rings characters.

3. Bearded Botherer

Tiffany is trying to chill out on facebook, but her boyfriend has other ideas!

4. The Professional.

Quite simply, Spencer is a professional agitator. Poor Alex.

5. The Tim Burton Of Boyfriends

This boyfriend sets up an elaborate Ring style prank, which just about scares his girlfriend to death.


6. Gordon Ramsay He Is Not

This girl thinks her boyfriend is treating her to a nice meal. What she doesn’t know is that he’s loaded it up with the hottest chilli sauce he can buy.

7. This Guy Knows How Annoying He Is

Youtuber nigahiga explains why he’s not boyfriend material. On this evidence, we agree.

8. He Has A Thousand Ways To Annoy His Girlfriend

This guy takes annoying to a whole new level. But he is kind of funny, so we forgive him!

9. Men Are Mean

She was just having a nice relaxing sleep and then he went and did this.

10. Every. Single. Day

Finally, Hannah shows us what she has to put up with in the car every day. We feel for you Hannah.

So what do you think girls? Was I right or do you have a boyfriend that’s equally, or even more annoying than these guys? Let us know on facebook and tag a friend with an annoying boyfriend!

Written by Emma

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