It started raining money in Dubai yesterday. Literally.

Mid day traffic in UAE city came to a standstill yesterday as thousands of UAE Dirham notes (each worth around $135) started falling to the ground. Understandably, this caused a bit of a frenzy and residents rushed to grab as much of this free cash as they could.
In scenes resembling something from a disaster movie, locals abandoned their cars and took to the streets en mass to fill their pockets with the pennies from heaven. It is estimated that the total value of the cash was a whopping $750,000.
Eventually police arrived to try and restore some order and ushered the residents away – although we suspect they may have just wanted to pocket some of the cash for themselves!
So where did it come from? Well as of yet no one has a clue, although it was a particularly windy day in the city. Perhaps some poor businessman woke up today the best part of a million bucks worse off, or maybe it was a miracle.
Either way there were a lot of happy (and lucky!) residents in UAE city this morning! (h/t Uni Lad)

Written by Gerald

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