A Homeless Man Gave A Student His Last £3. What Happened Next Is Amazing.

Dominique Harrison-Bentzen, a 22 year old student from Preston is currently spending 24 hours on the street to raise money for the homeless. At the time of writing (7 hours in) she has raised over £12,500. Find out more about this incredible story, and how you can help Dominique raise both money and awareness for the homeless below.

Dominique Harrison-Bentzen, from Preston was on a night out, when she found herself stranded after running out of money. The 22 year old, who is a student at The University of Central Lancashire,  realised she had lost her bank card and had no way of getting home.
Clearly distressed, she was approached by a homeless man, known only as Robbie, who offered her his last £3 to get safely home in a taxi. Dominique says:-

“He insisted I took it to pay for a taxi to make sure I got home safe.”

Although she didn’t take the money in the end, Dominique was so touched by the homeless man’s selfless gesture, that she decided to repay the favour in the most amazing way. She is currently spending 24 hours (through the day and night) on the street in the hope of raising enough money to pay a flat deposit for Robbie.
Not only has she managed this, but in her first 7 hours on the street (the experiment started at 1.30pm GMT today), she has smashed her target, raising an incredible £12,500 ($20,000), which continues to climb by the minute.

When asked why she decided to help Robbie, Dominique said: –

“He has been homeless for seven months through no fault of his own and he can’t get work due to having no address.
“It took me four nights of driving round Preston to find him and I was beginning to lose hope that I would see him again, to thank him personally for his kindness.
“Luckily I had my mum and her car to help me.”

You can follow Dominique’s progress and donate at the facebook page here.
Please share this incredible story and help Dominique raise even more money for the homeless.

Written by Emma

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