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How Does A Homeless Man Spend $100?

Youtuber JoshPalerLin posed the question ‘When you give a homeless person money, do you ever wonder how they spend it?’. Not only did Josh find out the answer, but when he gave a local homeless man $100, the story of what  happened next is truly incredible.

Josh approaches a homeless man, who introduces himself as Thomas. Expecting a few pieces of spare change at best, Thomas is shocked when Josh proceeds to hand him $100.


Josh shakes Thomas’ hand, tells him he hopes he finds a good use for the money and walks away leaving the clearly emotional homeless man with the money.


What Thomas doesn’t know is that Josh then follows him and secretly films him to see how he spends the $100.


Much to Josh’s disappointment, the homeless man goes straight to a local liquor store and walks inside.


A few minutes later, Thomas exits the liquor store, carrying several heavy bags.


Josh continues to secretly film Thomas and follows him to a local park. He approaches two people sitting at a park bench.


Thomas reaches into his bag, but the bags do not contain alcohol. All the bags are full of food, which he starts to share with the people sitting at the bench, who it turns out are also homeless.


Thomas approaches another group of homeless people and pulls out even more food from his bag, selflessly offering it to others who need it just as much as him.


Josh can’t believe what he is seeing and is ashamed of the prejudice he had when he saw Thomas enter the liquor store. He walks over to Thomas, explains that he has been filming him and shakes him by  the hand.


Touched by this incredible act of generosity and selflessness, Josh gives Thomas another $100.


Watch the full incredible video below and then share this amazing story.

Written by Emma

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