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Did these 2 school girls capture a real ghost on camera?

A UK school girl believes she has captured a genuine ghost on her phone’s camera during a recent visit to Hampton Court Palace.
It is said that the stately home has been haunted for over 200 years, with many visitors claiming to have seen a spectral lady – believed to be the spirit of Dame Sybil Penn who served Queen Elizabeth I.
This is however the first time the ghost has been seen on camera.
The photo was snapped by Holly Hampsheir, 12, while she was taking a picture of her cousin Brook McGee. Holly told The Sun: –

“I was totally freaked out. I didn’t see anything. People say the room goes cold when ghosts appear but we had no idea. We haven’t slept properly since.”

Here is a close up of the photo captured by the girls.
Holly’s mum Angie, 48, confirmed that there was no-one else in the room at the time the photo was taken: –

“I was speechless. There was no one else in that room and she’s floating through the rope. Those ropes were alarmed.”

A photography expert from The Sun newspaper could find no evidence that the photo had been tampered with.
So what do you think? Did the girls capture a genuine ghost on camera, or is it an elaborate hoax? A trick of the light? Let us know as we’re a bit freaked out right now!
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Written by Emma

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