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Girl asks 100 strangers to have sex with her. Awkwardness ensues…

So there’s lots of these social experiment type videos kicking around youtube, but perhaps none quite as blunt as this one! We’re not sure exactly what she was trying to prove, but for some reason this girl (who calls herself Andrea) thought it would be interesting to ask 100 random strangers in the street if they would have sex with her. She’s certainly not shy and gets straight to the point! The results are a bit of a mixed bag, with some of the guys reacting like they’ve hit the jackpot and others looking at her like she is insane. Oh, and there is a lot of awkwardness… Check it out below!

We’re not sure what she really found out with this social experiment, but with over a million views and counting, it seems there are a lot of people that found it interesting anyway! (h/t Unilad)

Written by Gerald

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