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10 years ago today, the first ever video was uploaded to youtube


It seems like youtube has been around forever, but it was actually launched back in 2005 and it wasn’t until 23rd April that year (exactly 10 years ago today) that the first every youtube video was uploaded. That first ever video (titled ‘Me at the zoo’) has since had almost 20 million views!
We’ll show you the video at the bottom of this post, but first here are some amazing facts that show just how youtube has grown since that first upload 10 years ago.

Each day there are over 4 billion video views on youtube

Just think about that for a second! That’s right Britney… OMG!

6 billion hours of youtube video are viewed every single month!

That’s almost an hour for every single person in the world!

300 hours of video are uploaded to youtube every minute!


It would take 60,000 years of non-stop watching to see all the videos on youtube

And that assumes that there are no more videos uploaded from the time you start watching!

The most watched youtube video of all time

With over 2,307,082,001 (and counting!) since it was uploaded in 2012, Gangnam Style is currently the most watched youtube video of all time. We’re sure you’ve seen it a million times, but here it is anyway…

Second most watched youtube video…

We’re not even going to embed it here (we can’t bring ourselves to do it!), but ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber is the second most watched video on youtube with 1,157,801,451 and counting.
Funnily enough, it’s also the most disliked video on youtube, with over 4 million dislikes! Ha!

Most watched youtube video that’s not a music video…

This classic ‘Charlie bit my finger – again’ has over 800 million views!

The first ever youtube video to be uploaded…

So here it is, this was the first every youtube video to be uploaded – exactly 10 years ago today. It’s not the most interesting video in the world, but hey, look what it started!

Happy birthday youtube! Here’s to the next 10 years!

Written by Gerald

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