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When she saw what was written on this sign it changed her life in the most amazing way.

On valentine’s day 75 year old Louis Demetriades drove over 100 miles from Memphis to Arkansas with a handwritten sign in the back of his car. The sign was written specially for Renate Stumpf, who he knew would be working that day in her local Walmart.
They first met at the age of just 18 in 1959 when Louis was a soldier and Renate worked in the kitchen at the base where he was stationed in Germany. The pair soon fell in love and moved to the USA where they had 3 children together, but sadly after 13 years they divorced.
As the years passed they both remarried and had not spoken to each other in 43 years. But that all changed when they reconnected on facebook last December. They arranged to meet up and it was then that they both realised that even though almost half a century had passed they still loved each other.
So on valentine’s day Louis got in his car and drove to Renate’s work with a hand written sign which featured  an extra special valentine’s message.
When he arrived, and with the help of the Walmart staff who kept it a secret, Louis walked up behind Renate and called out ‘hey, good looking!’.
When Renate turned round and saw what was on the sign she couldn’t believe her eyes.
And then she burst into tears.
[adsense-mobile] The sign said ‘Happy Valentine’s day. Will you marry me?’ and after joking ‘no!’ Renate burst out laughing and said ‘yes, but not today’.
So after being divorced for 43 years, the childhood sweethearts are once again engaged to be married. Naturally, Renate was over the moon and described it as ‘The best valentine’s day I have ever had in my life’.
We’re sure that this time, 56 years after they first met, they will finally be together forever. You can see Louis’ amazing proposal and watch Renate’s full reaction in the video below from 5 news.

Written by Emma

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