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Why Are USB Drives Buried In Walls Over New York?

If you are wandering through the streets of New York you might come across a rather unusual sight. All over the city USB drives are appearing, buried into walls, buildings and curbs. It looks a bit like this…
So what exactly is going on?
Well, it’s all part of a project by Berlin based artist Aram Bartholl called ‘Dead Drop’ to create an anonymous, public, offline¬†file sharing network. The drives can be used by anyone to anonymously drop and share files from any device with a USB port.
Adam came up with the idea while visiting New York. When the USB is placed in situ it is originally blank, save for a text file which explains the idea behind the project. Members of the public are free to share whatever they like on the drive, with the only drawback probably being the risk of scratching your laptop or iPad on a New York wall!
You can find out more about the Dead Drops project in the video below or on the Dead Drops website.


Written by Gerald

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