Monopoly Rules That You Didn't Know

Everyone knows the rules to Monopoly right? Wrong. It turns out, if you actually read the rules there is a doozy in there that we’ve all missed. We’re not talking about the usual ‘house rules’ – things like nabbing the money in the middle if you land on free parking – this is a cast iron, written in stone, rule of the game that you will find printed for you right there in the instructions. So what is it?
We’ll explain the rule first, then show you a photo from the instructions (which we took ourselves 2 minutes ago) to prove it! If you have monopoly in your house you can check for yourself – we promise it will be right there.
So, you’re playing a game of Monopoly and you are the first person to land on Vermont Avenue (US Version) or Euston Road (UK version). Here’s a really cool old pic we found of the Vermont Avenue card from the original 1930s game…
[adsense-mobile] Ok, so Vermont Avenue comes in at a cool $100. I’m quite a fan of the blues, but let’s say you are not and decide you don’t want to purchase it (at that price). Game continues right and the next person to land on it can buy it? Nope. Here’s what should happen.
The property immediately goes up for auction by the bank and is sold to the highest bidder.
Yep, this is the correct rule of the game. And here’s the thing, if you are the player who landed on the property you can put a bid in too – and you can start at just $1. If no one else bids… well, you pick up the property for just $1.
So to repeat, any unsold property if not purchased at face value by the player who landed on it, immediately goes to a bank auction and is sold to the highest bidder and bidding can start at just $1. Here is the photo we promised you showing the rule right there in black and white (well, green and darker green).
Here’s a zoom on the rule…
We couldn’t believe our eyes.
So there you have it. We’ve been playing Monopoly wrong all these years and probably massively overpaying for property in the process. Turns out this rule (which has been there from the very start) actually speeds up the game and increases interaction between the players. Guess we learn something new everyday!

Written by Gerald

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