10 TV Series That Ended Perfectly

4. Blackadder


Why It’s Perfect…

[adsense-inline]The final scene of Blackadder is one of the most iconic TV endings of all time.
Often recognised as the finest British comedy, the final 60 seconds of the show put the jokes on hold and delivered a poignant moment of TV drama fit to grace any show. Set in the trenches of World War 1, the episode sees the regular cast preparing to go ‘over the top’.
Blackadder says a final ‘Good luck everyone’ before blowing his whistle as the signal to charge. We see the soldiers leaving the trench and desperately charging into no man’s land, before the screen fades to grey and finally to a field of poppies.
If you haven’t seen it before, watch it below as it is simply beautiful.

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Written by Emma

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