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Why The World Could Soon Be Invaded By Giant Super Spiders

We all know that global warning is bad news, but according to new research, another consequence of climate change could be a huge increase in the world’s spider population!
But as if that wasn’t bad enough, the study also says that the rising temperatures will not only see spider numbers increase – spiders will also grow bigger and be able to run faster, making them harder to catch.
Why is this? Ok, here’s the science bit…
Spiders don’t use muscles to run around, they rely on fluid to move their limbs. As temperatures increase, the fluids ebb and flow gets faster and researchers have found that spiders are able to sprint at 3 times their normal speed once the thermometer hits 104F (40C).
One slight benefit is that the reason they speed up is because they are able to take more steps, but in the process this makes them clumsier as they can’t control their limbs quite so well.
I don’t think that will be much comfort when a dozen giant spiders are running towards me though (unless they all look like this little guy!).
Solent News & Photo Agency
So because of global warming, giant, super fast, mega clumsy spiders are what the future has in store.
Thanks oil companies. Thanks a lot.

Written by Gerald

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