18 Exotic Starbucks Drinks That You Didn't Know Existed…

Did you know that there are actually 87,000 drink combinations available from Starbucks?
Well, that’s what the coffee giant’s website claims.
Of course, you won’t see most of them on the menu (there wouldn’t be room!), but with a little imagination and a barista who’s a dab hand at mixing, there are all sorts of weird and wonderful drinks available.
There’s even a drink that will cure your cold!
Here are 18 of our favourite combinations.
But before we get into the drinks…

There are actually 5 drink sizes to choose from…

So, most Starbucks menus list Tall (which is really small..), Grande (medium) and Venti (large), but there are actually 5 sizes of drink available. There’s a Short, which is the smallest size (8oz compared to 12 oz for tall) and a Trenta size, which is really an extra large (a whopping 31oz, compared to 20oz for Venti).

For when you need a morning ‘kick’…

If you’re feeling a little bleary eyed (or perhaps have had one too many drinks the night before…) then these 3 drinks will wake you up in a hurry!
1. Red Eye – this is a regular drip coffee with an espresso shot added.
2. Green Eye – drip coffee with 3 shots of espresso.
3. Liquid Cocaine – drip coffee with an eye popping 4 shots of espresso + 4 pumps of white chocolate syrup, poured over a glass of ice.

4. The Undertow

Another drink with a powerful kick, the Undertow looks more like an exotic cocktail than a coffee. Starting with 3 pumps of a syrup of your choosing your barista will pour over some milk and then add 2 shots of espresso on top for a lovely layered finish.

For the chocolate lovers…

If you’re a chocoholic like me and your regular mocha isn’t cutting in it, then try out one of these…
5. Nutella Latte – a pump of chocolate syrup and a pump of hazelnut syrup on top of a Caffe Misto, with a drizzle of caramel to finish.
6. Twix Frappuccino – Start with a caramel frapp and add caramel syrup, hazelnut syrup, java chips and caramel and mocha drizzle for a whole lot of yum.
7. Ferrero Rocher Frappuccino – for those with exquisite tastes (just like the ambassador..) this drink mixes up a double chocolate chip frapp with mocha syrup, hazelnut syrup and hazelnut drizzle. Yummy!

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Written by Gerald

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