78 Year Old Pensioner Receives £4.7 Billion Tax Bill!


Clamping down on unpaid tax is a priority for the UK government at the moment, but we think they’ve made a bit of an error with this one!

78 year old pensioner Doug Yeomans from Derbyshire got a huge shock when he opened a letter to find a demand from HMRC for a total of £4,742,345,255.
To be fair to HMRC, they did give him the option to pay it off at £950million per month!
The retired maintentance man who lives off the state pension of around £100 per week saw the funny side and joked ‘I opened the letter and saw the amount and thought to myself, ‘I’d better start cutting down on the food bill then’.
We calculated that if he paid off the bill at £50 a week it would take him around 1.8 million years to pay off the debt!
Fortunately HMRC appear to have recognised their error and a spokesman said ‘We are very sorry to hear of the problems our customer has had and are very sorry about our error.
‘We don’t talk about individual cases but when we make mistakes we aim to put them right fast and apologise.’
via: Metro

Written by Gerald


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