One Last Song: The Final Photos Of 16 Musicians Who Died Too Young.

6. Kurt Cobain

February 20, 1967 – April 5, 1994 (age 27)

The influential singer and guitarist of grunge rockers Nirvana committed suicide by shooting himself in the head on April 5th 1994. Cobain’s death however is another which is hotly debated and there have been rumours of conspiracy and foul play ever since.
The last known photo of Cobain (below) was taken some time in March 1994.

The last known photo of Kurt Cobain
The last known photo of Kurt Cobain (source)

7. Jeff Buckley

November 17, 1966 – May 29, 1997 (age 30)

Singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley, only released one album in his short life (1994’s Grace), but it is widely recognised (including by me) as a work of genius. The same year, Rolling Stone magazine considered Buckley to be one of the greatest singers of all time. Buckley died when he was caught in the wake of a passing boat during a spontaneous evening swim in the Mississippi river on the 29th May 1997.
This is the last known photo of Jeff Buckley, seen with his tour manager just hours before his death.

The last known photo of Jeff Buckley
The last known photo of Jeff Buckley (source)
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