17 Reasons It Sucks To Live In California (Like Totally)

1. Our sunsets are pathetic

I mean, just look at these photos of the setting sun captured by Southern Californian photographer Rich Cruse

Rich Cruse
Rich Cruse
Rich Cruse
I mean, come on sun… at least make an effort to pretty up the sky for the photos.
Californian sunset
Rich Cruse
Rich did his best, but he really didn’t have much to work with did he…
Californian sunset
Rich Cruse

2. It rains all the time

Let’s be honest, when you think of California and weather, you automatically think of rain don’t you?

sunshine in california
Flickr CC / micadew
It rains here all the time.
californian poppies in the sun
Flickr CC / torbakhopper
Rain, rain, rain.
California golden oaklands
Flickr CC / Robert Cross
In fact we get a whopping 17″ of the wet stuff every year. So it’s just as well that…

3. There are no beaches

California is of course completely land locked, and doesn’t have 840 miles of coastline.
malibu beach
With mile after mile of beautiful golden, sandy beaches.
And it’s not in any way famous for its surfing.

surfing in California
Flickr CC / John Sonderman
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Written by Lindsay

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