This guy built a fully working car… out of Lego!


I loved lego when I was growing up, and would spend hours building all sorts of weird and wonderful constructions, but none of them were even on the same planet as what this guy has done! Raul Oaida, a 21 year old teenage inventor from Romania, has built a fully working car… out of Lego! To top it all off, the car even runs on air! Here is Raul’s story.

21 year old Raul’s previous inventions include a jet engine powered bicycle.


And a Lego space shuttle…


Raul’s Lego car contains around half a million individual blocks of Lego!


The engine contains around 100,000 parts and runs on air.


Compressed air, stored in the back of the car pushes down the engines pistons and makes the car move.

Check out the full amazing story of Raul’s Lego car and see it in action in the video below.

Written by Gerald

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