17 Historical Hipsters v Modern Day Wannabes

1. Abraham Lincoln

Not only did he bring an end to slavery in 1863 (fully passed by congress in 1865), he also rocked the coolest beard of the 19th century.

2. General Ambrose Burnside

The US civil war general rocked these ridiculously awesome sideburns and in fact, that’s where sideburns get their name from.

3. Charles Darwin

The father of the theory of evolution had some serious growth on his chin.

4. Admiral Alfred Von Tirpitz

Alfred Peter Friedrich von Tirpitz was a German Großadmiral, Secretary of State of the German Imperial Naval Office, the powerful administrative branch of the German Imperial Navy from 1897 until 1916. But we are more interested in his cool pointy beard.

5. Franz Ferdinand

Not the band, the dude whose assassination is generally cited as the spark that started the 1st World War. 10 out of 10 for that moustache

6. Henry VIII

Churning through wives like they were going out of fashion and rocking a ginger beard was how Henry rolled.

7. Kaiser Wilhelm III

This guy was the last German Emperor and King of Prussia from 15 June 1888 to 9 November 1918. He also had a quality twirly moustache.

8. Karl Marx

So that communism thing… this was the dude behind it. Him and Joseph Engels (more from him in a minute) published the Communist Manifesto in London in 1848. On top of that, his beard was a serious bad boy.

9. Nikola Pasic

Famous Serbian politician and diplomat who lived between 1845 and 1926. Owner of some seriously impressive growth.

10. Otto The Great

Otto The Great was German king from 936 and emperor of the Holy Roman Empire from 962 until his death in 973. I don’t know much about that, but I do know he had a great beard.

11. Vincent Van Gogh

Awesome painter and visionary driven mad by his own genius. Rocked a cool scraggy beard and painted some of the most famous paintings of the 19th Century.

12. John Knox

Scottish clergyman and writer who was a leader of the Protestant Reformation. When he wasn’t doing that I’m guessing he was busy growing out his beard.

13. Horace Greeley

This dude (who lived between 1811 and 1872) was editor of the New-York Tribune and also served as a congressman for New York. He also sported one of the best neck beards of all time.

14. Socrates

The greek philosopher is often cited as having laid the foundations for modern Western society. He also had a top notch beard.

15. Leonardo Da Vinci

The Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, The Vitruvian Man… what is there to say about Leonardo Da Vinci that hasn’t been said a million times before. A legendary artist with a legendary beard.

16. Thorvald Stauning

Wikipedia tells me that Thorvald August Marinus Stauning was the first social democratic Prime Minister of Denmark, serving as Prime Minister from 1924 to 1926 and again from 1929 until his death in 1942. I’ll need to take their word for it, but one thing I do know for sure is that he had a rocking beard.

17. James Garfield

The 20th president of The USA, James Garfield is the second president in this list and also sadly the second on it to be assassinated (there were 4 presidents assassinated btw, can you name the other two?). He’s also the last of our historic hipsters and we hope you’ll agree that majestic beard is a fitting way for us to finish.
So, who do you think rocked their beards the best? Our historic hipsters or their modern day equivalents? Vote now!
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Written by Gerald

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