That time a pregnant dog adopted a squirrel…

This happened a couple of years back, but we thought it was far too cute not to share! Debby Cantlon from Seattle took in a baby squirrel that had been found abandoned. She named him Finnegan and started bottle feeding him with the intention of releasing him back into the wild once he was old enough. But then something pretty amazing happened.
Debby’s dog Mademoiselle Gislle was pregnant and just before she gave birth Debby was amazed when she dragged Finnegan’s bed over beside her.
Debby and her partner were a little concerned at first (aren’t dogs supposed to chase squirrels?) but they quickly relaxed as the dog and squirrel bonded.
When Mademoiselle Giselle’s puppies were born Debbie was shocked that not only did she allow Finnegan to cuddle in with the litter, she actually allowed her to nurse on her milk!
Finnegan was a fully fledged member of the litter!
When he was around 8 weeks old Debby decided it was time to let Finnegan out into the wild, but he regularly returned for visits.
Debby said “It’s therapeutic for me to be able to work with wildlife and be involved in saving the little lives of animals,”
What an amazing story of the most unlikely of friends! (h/t The Incredible Dog)

Written by Emma

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