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Watch: Jurassic World Trailer Recut With Footage From 1993 Original

The trailer for the new Jurassic Park film, Jurassic World looks pretty awesome, but (as is usual with the internet) there have been a few murmurings of discontent. The main criticism has been that the plot of the new film looks very similar to that of the 19983 original and, while it’s pretty harsh to judge a film by a 90 second trailer, it’s also hard to argue that the dissenters don’t have a point.
Inspired by both the trailer and the comments, one youtuber has decided to have a go at cutting footage from the original Jurassic Park film into the style of the new trailer. We think the result is pretty impressive, but take a look for yourself…

Pretty cool right?
For comparison, here’s the official Jurassic World teaser trailer from Universal Pictures.

And finally, here’s the original trailer for the 1993 Jurassic Park  film.

Funny to see how trailers have changed so much over the years and setting aside nostaglia, the consensus here at Favrify is that the new style definitely works and looks better.
But what do you think? Drop a comment on facebook and let us know and be sure to share this awesome recut with fellow Jurassic Park fans!

Written by Gerald

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