It Looks Like a Pile of Junk, But Seen from the Right Angle Becomes Something Truly Incredible

You may not have heard of French artist Bernard Pras, but trust me you are going to love his work. Bernard uses everyday items that that have been tossed away to create incredible anamorphic artworks, which to be correctly interpreted have to be viewed from just the right angle.
Check out some of Bernard’s incredible creations below.

1. From this angle, it just looks like a pile of old junk… but

2. Seen from the front it becomes an image of Salvador Dali, complete with melting clock

3. Vincent Van Gogh comes alive from a pile of household junk

4. Bruce Lee, put together from old toys

5. Ocean waves created from old ornaments


6. Discarded sports equipment creates this incredible 3 dimensional head

7. Old wicker baskets, shells leaves and other items make up this face

8. Your country needs you… to recycle

9. Old sheets and rags become something truly wonderful


10. This clever use of old junk creates Albert Einstein

11. Munch’s ‘The Scream’ recreated using a mask from the movie of the same name

12. Louis XIII from old sweet wrappers

13. Snow White from old kids’ hair clips

14. Jimi Hendrix including old guitars

15. Recreation of a Van Gogh

What an incredible way to give household junk a new lease of life. Let us know what you think on facebook.

Written by Gerald

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