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Most loyal dog chases his injured owner's ambulance all the way to hospital

Dogs are well known for their loyalty to their owners and stories such as Greyfriars Bobby, the true tale of a Skye Terrier who remained by his master’s grave for 14 years, continue to inspire. Here’s a modern day tale (or should that be tail…) of canine loyalty that was recently captured on film by an ambulance crew. Read the story and then watch the amazing video below.

When this dog’s owner had a seizure, the loyal dog didn’t want to leave his side. Unfortunately though, when the ambulance arrived to take the injured man to hospital, the dog wasn’t allowed in.


Well, this dog doesn’t take no for an answer and as the ambulance drove off towards the hospital, he started to give chase.


The EMT team in the ambulance were amazed when they looked in their rear view mirror to see the little guy sprinting alongside them and managing to keep pace.


Clearly touched by this display of loyalty (and tenacity), they finally opened the door and let him ride alongside his owner for the rest of the journey.


When they arrived at the hospital, the loyal dog remained patiently by his master’s side as he lay on a hospital trolley waiting to be taken care of. It must have been of great comfort for the man to know his loyal friend was there with him.


Watch the video below and then share this touching tale of loyalty.

Written by Emma

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