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13 Cute But Dangerous Animals That Could Kill You

If looks could kill then these little guys would already be pretty dangerous, but unfortunately their cuteness isn’t the only thing you need to be wary of. Here are 13 cute animals… that could kill you!

1. The Pufferfish

Just look at his little face! Surely he couldn’t do any harm…? Don’t count on it! The pufferfish is in fact the second most poisonous vertebrate on the planet. Their venon kills by paralysing the diaphragm and has no known antidote.

2. The Slow Loris

slow loris
Those eyes… awwww! Slow Loris’ are normally very placid, but you wouldn’t want to get on their bad side. They can release venom from the side of their elbows, which when mixed with their saliva, can cause death by anaphylactic shock.

3. The Moose

With their big cartoon like grins moose certainly look pretty friendly, but when threatened they are known to charge at humans with aggression and have caused many deaths and injuries over the years. In fact you are more likely to be injured by a moose than you are by a bear.

4. Big Cats

baby cheetah
I’m sure you know already, that despite their mega cuteness, pretty much all big cats would happily have you for lunch. Lions, tigers and cheetahs would eat you given half the chance, but closer to home, North American pumas have been known to threaten lone hikers and children.

5. The Cassowary

Ok, it’s not as cuddly as baby cheetah, but I think it’s kind of cute! Found in the rainforests of Australia and New Guinea, the Cassowary looks a bit like a flamboyant Ostrich and if disturbed by a human will become extremely aggressive and territorial. The Cassowary uses its large claws to try and disembowel its intended victim.

6. Bears

The favourite stuffed toy of most young children (and some adults), animals really don’t come much cuter than bears. But in real life, they are also one of the most deadly and will not only kill humans, but will pro-actively hunt them down (they are one of only a very short list of animals known to do this). Grizzly bears and polar bears are generally considered the most deadly, but all large species of bear are potentially dangerous to humans… even pandas.

7. The Poison Dart Frog

poison dart frog
In nature, bright colours generally mean ‘I’m dangerous, stay away!’ and with its bright yellow skin, the poison dart frog is no exception. This little guy is one of the most poisonous creatures on earth.

8. The Giant Anteater

giant anteater
Ants will definitely agree with this one. They may look cute and cuddly, but when threatened, the giant anteater’s powerful claws and teeth are perfectly capable of disembowelling a human, so best to leave him to enjoy his meal in peace!

9. The Wolverine

No, not Hugh Jackman! The actual wolverine is an aggressive weasel with powerful jaws and claws, which is capable of taking down number 3 on our list, the moose.

10. The Leopard Seal

leopard seal
Although the leopard seal’s normal prey consists of penguins, they are the second animal on our list that have been known to actively hunt humans. Powerful and curious this is one cute predator you definitely don’t want to take a swim with.

11. The Gila Monster

gila monster
He may be called a monster, but we think he’s kind of cute. Don’t get too close though. He’s pretty slow, but if he feels threatened (and manages to catch you!) he is capable of delivering a fatal dose of venom.

12. Elephants

Yes, elephants. It pains me to say it, but elephants can, when agitated, be one of the most dangerous animals in the world. They say an elephant never forgets and elephants have actually been known to be vindictive and can also be prone to bouts of rage. In India hundreds of people are killed by rampaging, or mistreated elephants.

13. Monkeys & Apes

monkeys & apes
With monkeys and apes being so genetically similar to humans, they are also the animals that are most likely to spread diseases to us. A small bite from a monkey can pass on viruses such as Hepatitis C. Also, larger apes, such as orangutans and gorillas are capable of mauling humans if they feel threatened.
[syia-popup] The key point with most of the animals on this list is ‘if they feel threatened’. With the exception of the animals that have been known to actively hunt humans (and cases of this are very rare), generally if you treat animals with the respect and care they deserve, then you have nothing to fear. So appreciate their cuteness and give them your respect 🙂

Written by Emma

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