18 Reasons Cats are Better than Boyfriends

1. Cats are the best at giving massages


2. Cats just won’t do this to you

toilet roll

3. Instead of elbowing you in the face trying to get their arm around you, they politely ask for some attention

cat cuddle

4. No boyfriend can pull a better “please forgive me” face than this


5. Cats can pull off a dance like this in front of your friends without you being humiliated

dancing cat

6. If you came home and your boyfriend was like this… lets just say it’d be a different story

cat on floor

7. Cats give you the freedom to sleep where you like, they will settle for anything and be quite content


8. Cats get away with posing like this

giphy (1)

9. Cats still look cute in positions you don’t even want to imagine your boyfriend in


10. Cats just know when you need a cuddle


11. You don’t have to pick up these everyday

And your cat will watch, amazed that you continue to do it…

12. Even cats know that it’s the little things that count… you probably don’t want a dead mouse but it’s still nice to be appreciated


13. Cats enjoy doing their own dishes


14. Cats don’t EVER make this face when you put dinner down for them


15. Cats lend a hand when it comes to the weekly chores

giphy (4)

16. Cats like to take care of themselves and look good

grooming cat
Without ending up like this
trying to pose

17. Cat selfies are a million times better than any boyfriend trying to look cool…


18. And finally… no boyfriend can cheer you up like a cat!

giphy (5)
So what do you think girls? Are you with me?

Written by Lindsay

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