10 Reasons Scotland Should Never Be Independent

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1. We Have No Natural Resources

flickr / Andy Magee
flickr / Andy Magee

We don’t in any way have an abundance of valuable natural resources, such as fresh clean water, wind and wave energy, vast fish stocks, coal, zinc or iron.

And we certainly don’t have oil. There’s none of that to be found in our waters whatsoever.

2. We’re Not Smart Enough

Adam Smith, John Logie Baird, Alexander Fleming (Wikipedia)

No one from Scotland has ever invented anything. We’re just not smart enough. In fact the list of things that we definitely didn’t invent is really quite long. It’s certainly too long to list in its entirety here, but here are a few of the the bigger things that we had absolutely nothing to do with.

Anaesthetics, Antiseptics, The Bank of England, Fax Machines, Iron Bridges, Logarithms, Microwave Ovens, Penicillin, Refrigerators, The Steam Engine, The Telephone, The Telegraph, Television, Whisky, The US Navy

All nothing to do with us.

We don’t have a world class higher education system either with over 4,500 courses available in more than 150 subject groupings at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

If we did, then perhaps 48,000 international students, from over 185 countries would choose to study in Scotland every year. But we don’t.

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