July 2015

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  • 11 (Mostly) Vegan Goodies

    If I had to choose my favorite course during a meal it would have to be dessert. In fact, I would start with dessert, have dessert mid-meal and end with two desserts. Most of us probably have a sweet tooth, (I, however, have a mouth full of sweet teeth) but we don’t like the fact that indulging in too many sweets leaves us with some serious weight gain. Finding sugary, all natural, and chocolate-y goodness that’s both scrumptious and healthy can be a challenge; and when unconventional ingredients are used, it can initially be off-putting. However, if you just take the leap and start baking, the reward is a happy belly. We’ve baked all of these in our kitchen and thought we would share. My vegan/vegetarian friends would especially be proud as most of these would suit them… Keep calm and bake on!